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The summery flavour of ripe red watermelon goes wonderfully well with the fresh, clean, lemony taste of gin. The seed-free section in the middle of a melon is the sweetest, so if you’re cutting pieces for a garnish use this part.


½ very ripe watermelon, well chilled

50ml gin

sprigs of fresh mint and watermelon triangles,
to garnish


Cut the watermelon in half and remove the rind and seeds. Whizz the flesh in a food processor. If the mixture is too thick, add water.

Pour into a jug/pitcher, stir in the gin and serve in small glasses with plenty of crushed ice, a sprig of mint and a melon triangle.

Mix It Up

Cantaloupe melon can be used in place of watermelon – due to its firmer texture whizz for slightly longer in the food processor. Lovely with a dash of elderflower liqueur.

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