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Martell VS Cognac



Martell VS Cognac

In 1715 a young man by the name of Jean Martell from Jersey, started a business in cognac on the banks of the river Charente finding the very first of the major cognac houses. 1826 saw Martell move to England and it become the principal centre of trade in Martell Cognac with the firm’s first advertisement being in Carnaby street. 1831 Martell created there very first VSOP Cognac and the first shipment was to London. 1868 was the first time that they shipped to Japan, China and other Asian markets. 1912 was the first creation of their luxury product Martell Cordon Bleu. 1918 the Martell blend accompanied soldier to the front line and the Martell Cordon Blue. 1951 Martell cognac hit the headlines when famous explorer Paul Emile Victor took eight cases with him on and exhibition to the north pole. 1971 to cement the connection of Franco-Japanese relationship, on a trip to France a case of Martell cordon Blue was presented to the Emperor of Japan. 2004, Forging closer links to the creative arts, Martell launched its annual, Artist of the year exhibition in china, honouring four artist with the independence and inspiration that Jean Martell had. 2005 Martell released its XO range. 2007 they launched their Martell Creation Grand Extra with its decanter created by renowned glass designer Serge Mansau. 2009 they created their ultimate cognac, L’or de Jean Martell commemorating Jean Martell’s 300 year quest for perfection.

Martell cognacs are made with Ugni Blanc grapes selected from the four most prestigious of the region’s growths: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois and above all the Borderies, the most exclusive of all. Selecting these specific grapes, gives Martell’s prestigious cognacs with their own matchless character, distinctive finesse and elegance. The barrels used are made from the finest grain oaks that are known for their remarkable softness and its tanning that leads to the colour, nose and body of unparalleled richness and subtlety.

  • 70 cl
  • 40% Alc. Vol.
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