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The whole reason to get into making preserves is to capture a moment of summer in a jar. Every time I pop open something I put up the summer before- peaches, strawberries, Concord grapes, tomatoes-I feel like I’m stealing a little of the season back. This drink was inspired by just that: I wanted to bring early summer back for a moment, and what better way than in a cocktail?


1 generous barspoon
strawberry preserves
2 ounces bourbon
¾ ounce balsamic syrup
½ ounce freshly
squeezed orange juice
2 ounces club soda
1 orange peel


In a dry cocktail shaker (without ice), add the strawberry preserves, bourbon, balsamic syrup, and orange juice.
Shake well, 10 to 15 seconds.
Add ice and shake again, 10 seconds more.
Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass.
Top with club soda.
Garnish with the orange peel.

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