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For some reason this drink is often only consumed when the drinker feels under the weather, but the hot toddy is some people’s winter warmer of choice. It’s perfect for sipping after any outdoor activity when things have turned frosty.


50 ml Scotch whisky

20 ml honey

25 ml fresh lemon juice

a pinch of ground cinnamon
or 1 cinnamon stick boiling water, to top up

2 pieces of lemon zest,
studded with cloves,
to garnish


Add all the ingredients to a heatproof glass or pewter tankard and stir gently to mix. Top up with boiling water and serve garnished with a piece of lemon zest studded with cloves.


A Hot Ginger Toddy is a wonderful variation to try because ginger is the perfect complement to whiskey. Just add 15 ml ginger liqueur in place of the cinnamon and cloves.

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