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SCOBY is the acronym for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. The Scoby is the culture that ferments the tea and turns it into kombucha. This is my version of a Dark ‘n’ Stormy using a delicious ginger kombucha. This drink has spice, tang and frizz. And it’s pretty damn good for you too. I could drink it all day long…


6 thin slices of ginger 

1 lime, quartered

4 lime leaves

30ml agave nectar

Crushed ice

470ml ‘Jarr’ organic ginger kombucha

100ml rum

Extra limes leaves and lime wedges, to garnish


Divide the ginger, lime, lime leaves and agave nectar between the glasses and muddle well until all the lime juice and flavours from the ginger and lime leaves have been extracted.

Fill each glass to the top with crushed ice and place a straw in each glass. Divide the kombucha between the glasses. Place a large spoon upside down with the tip touching the inside of the glass and float the rum on top by pouring it gently over the spoon. 

Garnish with a few extra lime leaves and lime wedges. 

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